Life of Christ

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We will study the life of Christ from His Pre-existence with the Father through all Eternity. We will  observe His ministry years during His public career. part of study will include an   overview of HIs miracles and parables. As we examine His life here upon the earth we will take a closer look at His trial and ultimate crucifixion. We will study about the  Risen Savior and proof that Jesus Christ was truly the Son of God and Savior of the world. Join us as we take a journey of the Life of Christ.

Course Key Concepts:

  1. The pre-existent Christ
  2. Jesus early life
  3. The temptation of Christ
  4. The Baptism of Christ
  5. The miracles and parables of Christ
  6. The Passion Week
  7. The suffering Savior
  8. The risen Savior
  9. The glorified Savior
  10. The coming King

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