Old Testament Survey: The Journey of a Lifetime

Course Description An overview of each of the books in the Old Testament Each book contains something unique or spectacular Material will cover date the book was written, time period, important events and verses, and the overall message 12-Week Series involving: 12 videos 10 written assignments Various reading assignments Open book midterm and final Our […]

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Book of Acts

Course Description The account of the early church in the book of Acts is more than a book of the Bible, it is history, it is our history as we are part of the church. The book of Acts marks a pivotal turning point in redemptive history. Acts describes the history of the mission of

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Life of Christ

Course Description We will study the life of Christ from His Pre-existence with the Father through all Eternity. We will  observe His ministry years during His public career. part of study will include an   overview of HIs miracles and parables. As we examine His life here upon the earth we will take a closer look

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