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Our Story

In 2018, Pastor Brent Armstrong, the Senior Pastor of Tucson Baptist Church, was burdened to give church members a way to further their understanding and knowledge of the Bible. Tucson Baptist Bible Institute was started as a result and has continued to stay on target with a laser-focused goal of taking Christians to the next level in understanding their God.

As the online portion of this ministry is developing, we hope and expect that more people, who might have had time restrictions be a barrier in the past, be able to complete this online Bible program.

Meet Your Instructors

Pastor Jim Howard

Leads TBBI and loves to help Christians grow in the Bible

Pastor Abel Ramirez

Leads the Spanish Ministry and teaches his courses in Spanish

Keith Seiber

Authored several published books and teaches in our church 

Bud Savage

Leads a Growth Group and has studied the Bible for decades

What Our Graduates Have to Say

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